"Just a few of our staging creds for your review. It's about staging your property to reflect the unique qualities of your home and the environment it creates. Each one is different. It's what we love about staging. " - Julie Ford

Old world elegance.
Move in with a Tote Bag.


"What I love about this type of staging is that the person could show up with a tote bag with photographs, a book, their iPod charger and live happily ever after in the room. Old world elegance that anyone viewing your property can place their own family inside." -- Julie Ford

All eyes looking up. 
Best to show the fabulous rafters. 

"I wanted to be sure they took a glance upward. What better than to have you look up than a canoe - a fabulous wooden canoe - in the rafters. Speaks to the lifestyle of woods and water, which is the setting this for home." -- Julie Ford

Brand new but lived in. 

"Empty rooms and smelling of paint never shows anyone how people live in a house. Keep it simple, and put in what is needed to show how this fabulous kitchen has space for it all." -- Julie Ford

Seating areas. 


"It's a vacation home. Best to have seating areas for the entire gang." -- Julie Ford

Just a few accessories. 


"The house has the bones; we add extras to complete an overall decor."  -- Julie Ford