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So many places to design. So little time. 

Julie Ford is an award-winning designer with over twenty years of professional experience. She began her design career in the event planning arena which included designing centerpieces and floral arrangements for clients such as Disney, Marriot, and Portofino Bay.


Soon after, her event clients inquired about utilizing her skills in the interior decorating realm. Julie seamlessly crossed into interior design because she works from the notion that design is all about the space. Whether it's a venue or a home, Julie believes the practical applications and esthetics of a room or venue will dictate the design.  

Julie Head Shot_2022.jpeg
Julie and Dougie.jpeg

In a natural progression, Julie moved into staging houses for agents and homeowners giving their homes an extra boost and ensuring a quick sale. With Julie's special touch, her staged homes have often sold for over their asking prices.

Always keeping future clients in mind, she's known for buying whatever she wants when she wants and storing it away for the perfect room or event venue. 

As a mom and pet mom, she understands all types of design challenges and is ready to tackle them for you. Currently splitting her time between coastal North Carolina, Northern Georgia, and Central Florida, Julie Ford is ready to design events, interiors, and florals for clients across the country.

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